Information About Iran

Iran is one of the major countries in the Middle East region and Western Asia. Iran's Area is 1,650,000 square KM and its population is 60 Million.

Iran lies between the Caspian Sea (in north) and the Persian Gulf (in south). It is bordered in north with the some of the ex-Soviet Republics, in the east with Afghanistan and Pakistan and in the west with Turkey and Iraq.

Iran has more than 2500 years of written history. King Dariush was the founder of the postal service in Iran. Dariush used this to have fast communication within the vast country of Iran.

The Persian messengers used swift horses (whom were called "Chapar" - meaning horse rider) to transfer letters in the shortest time possible. These horse riders changed their horses regularly in the post offices (which used to be called "Chapar Khaneh" - House of "Chapar") in the way.

King Dariush's saying "Neither snow, Nor rain, Nor heat, Nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds " Lies inscribed on top of New York's main
city post office. This postal system worked till the creation of the Post Company in Iran.

The first stamp in Iran was printed in 1868 and was officially used in the Iranian Postal Service. Since then a variety of stamps was printed for postal and commemorative usage.

Also the first Iranian pre-stamped postal card was printed and used in 1879.

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